Welcome to Amber Harvest


Amber Harvest is a small, artisan apiary located in the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania. 


We produce raw, cold-extracted and unheated, jar set honey. 


By working with raw honey's natural tendency to crystallise, we gently craft a soft set honey

that captures the essence of Tasmania's unique native flora.


Our bees are nurtured using organic methods to harvest pure honey, free of chemicals,

from Tasmania's native flowers.


Our honey is monofloral, meaning that each variety of honey is collected primarily from just

one type of flowering plant.  Currently, our varieties include Leatherwood, Mountain Lilac, Blue Gum and Stringybark honey.  We produce other varieties as the seasons allow.


We extract and package our honey without the addition of heat beyond the normal beehive

temperature.  Our honey is raw and thus retains its nutritional integrity and flavour direct from

the beehive.





 Beehives in the snow at Pelverata

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